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The Christian Journey in Our Time

The earth is not our home. Our true home is in the heavens, a picture for the spiritual world. The earth is our school. We come to earth to learn to love, to learn selflessness. Paradoxically, the more powerful a human self becomes, the greater is his or her power to do good through selflessness.

The earth is also the stage on which the drama of humanity’s evolution unfolds. In this drama we strive to grow strong, wealthy in wisdom, competent for life and confident in our ability to know at any given moment what is at stake and what we must do next, what steps we must take.

This is not easy. But our growth as spiritual beings depends on our learning to recognize when selfless sacrifice is the only way forward. This is even harder and our weaknesses so often stand in the way of this insight, or we simply lack the strength to do the good. Sometimes we can experience this failing as a kind of death.

The earth is also the path we must tread to become strong, confident and loving, knowing when to sacrifice. On our path we play many roles as we journey across meadows, mountain ranges, forests, swamps, deserts, lakes, seas and oceans. Our adventures include life and death, sickness and healing. There is no other way for us to progress, like pilgrims, toward the goal of full humanity, of knowing how to love.

This journey often seems impossible. But all the while there is a spiritual being, a guardian spirit watching over every individual human being, from before birth through life and even after death. Our humanity requires of these beings that they respect our freedom. Therefore, they do not intrude; they wait for us to ask for help. But even with these guardian angels watching over us and helping as they are allowed for tens of thousands of years, still we so often lack the strength to do the good.

This is what Christianity is really all about: the deepest help a human being can absorb: the spiritual essence of what a human self is made of, from a higher world, inserted into history, introduced into the very being of every human. This self, the self of God, is pure divine fire of the highest imaginable order – even higher. The human self is a small flame; but the flame, as small as it is, is also divine, is of the same nature as God’s fire.

That is why Christ can enter a human soul and that soul becomes more intensely itself, stronger and purer itself. Our true, higher self, as uniquely individual as it is for every human being, was created by this spiritual being called the Son-God, the second person of the Trinity, the Christ.

He is the power to become, to grow, to evolve. Finding him, we find ourselves. With him in our hearts we can learn every lesson, play any role assigned to us, tread any path and overcome any death. For we will have become powerful in the purity of our selfhood. “Not I, Christ in me,” will have become complete and the I that speaks and acts will be our higher self, Christ filled.

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