Donations to Maintain

Our Beautiful Church, Grounds

 And Christian Community Church Services.


Dear Christian Community Friends,

The Christian Community in Colorado looks forward to offering you and your family services throughout the year. Our mission is to help people find and receive the healing strength of Christ’s presence on earth.
We support our community by deepening the meaning of Christian festivals in our everyday lives. In one sense, our community is the world – all are welcome at all The Act of Consecration services.

Your generous donations allowed the Christian Community in Colorado to maintain our beautiful church and grounds in 2015, as well as support the presence of our resident priest. Anonymous donations contributed to a beautifully remodeled kitchen and to a beautifully re-stained exterior.

Please donate now to help us continue our mission to offer meaningful spiritual support to the world through the Christian Community's Movement for Religious Renewal. We are very grateful for all your continuing support. 
Please consider a donation of $100 or more. Spread payments over time. Smaller amounts always welcome.
Of course, we have plenty of volunteer opportunities as a contribution, from a few hours of working in the garden to organizing a festival.
Please remember, donations of every kind are always welcome but never expected. The Chistian Community is dedicated to absolute freedom from all expectations. We invite everyone to participate in freedom.
With gratitude for all that you've given in the past,
The Board of Trustees of Christian Community in Colorado.
Mail Donations to
Christian Community in Colorado
2180 S Madison St.
Denver, CO 80210
Signup for volunteer opportunities and we'll get in touch regarding your interests and availability:


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