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Resources for The Christian Community

The Christian Community in North America

The Christian Community in North America is a movement for religious renewal,
     Where the sacraments reveal the spirit
           and esoteric truth is expressed in outer beauty, 
     Where belief is free from dogma
          and we can find new understandings of how God works in our lives,
     Where we celebrate the festivals
          and connect with the spiritual rhythms of the year,
     Where children are spiritually nourished
          and the workings of God are revealed in ways befitting each age, and
     Where communion inspires community
          and individual members can find a spiritual home.
Find out more about The Christian Community and its North American congregations here:
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The Seminary of the Christian Community in North America
Those who come to the seminary long to be healing servants in the world, serving human souls, human communities and the earth herself. To make us true instruments of this healing we align our learning with the one we recognize as the guiding star of our humanity. 
In this training we seek the light of Christ Jesus as we renew our minds in a rigorous spiritual Christology and spirit-science.  We seek his guidance in earnestly taking up personal becoming - in social life and through the spiritual disciplines of prayer and meditation. And we seek his presence at the altar in the sacred hour of worship.
For some, this leads to priesthood in The Christian Community, for others it leads to healing priestly work in other spheres of life.

Visit the Seminary website at

Listen to the Seminary Podcast, where the seminary directors discuss matters of faith and life in Christ at

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