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Rudolf Steiner

"[Rudolf Steiner] comprehended all branches of learning so spiritually and so deeply, and he recognized Christ in such big and broad dimensions that eventually Christ shines forth as the true light in all spheres of life. He observed strictly the necessity for each sphere to form its own method according to its intrinsic laws. He never carried religion into anything from without. But he illuminated all realms of knowledge with such powerful light, that Christ became visible in it. A Christ, it is true, far greater than the Christ of the Churches; but a Christ related to the Bible and to the Christ of the early Christians.” 
– Alfred Heidenreich, The Christian Community pioneer in England, North America,
and South Africa

Listen to Readings of Rudolf Steiner's Work 

By Dale Brunsvold  
Dale Brunsvold is a member of The Christian Community in Colorado.  During his more than thirty-year journey in the study Rudolf Steiner's work, he has had the privilege of participating in The Act of Consecration of Man as well as work in study groups with other's in their mutual striving to experience the Christ more deeply in their daily lives. In this, the work of Rudolf Steiner has proved indispensable.
Beginning in 1983, Dale started to record the works of Rudolf Steiner and as the technology evolved he eventually was able to transfer his work onto the world wide web with the hope that others who would not otherwise discover the work of the Good Doctor might have the opportunity of doing so.  There are  more than 150 titles now available free of charge and more coming each month.  Visit his website, for further details.   
An option for donations is available and may be made to it directly, or if so inclined, also to your congregation, or steinerbooks, or rudolf steiner press, through their respective websites.  But donations are not in any way required for the use, enjoyment and study of this work.